Volleyball game

E81EC64E-213F-4B2C-8829-5EFDD2E9609AThe 8th grade class has challenged their parents to a volleyball game!

The contest will be Thursday, April 5th at 6:30pm. A miniumum $3.00 donation for entrance. All donations will be used for the St. Pius X teachers and students.

Please plan to attend and support St. Pius X!

School Advisory Board 2108-2019

If you are interested in becoming a member of St. Pius X school advisory board please contact Mike Skubic at 660 676 4010. Terms are for three years. Elections will take place during the month of May. Any parish member 21 years of older is eligible but they cannot be related to anyone employed by the parish.

Activity Fees and Tuition for 2018-2019



Registration Fee                                   Total Annual Amount                               Amount due at                                                                                                                                          registration

1 child                                                               $695.00                                                  $231.00

2 children                                                         $799.00                                                   $266.00

3 children                                                         $1016.00                                                 $388.00

4+ children                                                      $1152.00                                                  $384.00


Non Parishioner:

Tuition                  Tuition Annual Total                      Amount due at registration

1 child                       $3925.00                                                $392.50

2 children                 $6973.00                                                $697.00

3 children                 $9101.00                                                $910.10

4+children                $10231.00                                              $1023.00


Active Family Parishioner: is defined as a registered active member of the parish. An active member is a member of St. Pius X that participates in weekly Mass, regular sacramental activities, and stewardship (tithing to the Church).

Pledge model for Stewardship (Tithing): 

5% of your gross income from your form 1040 to St. Pius X

1% to the Diocese

4% to other Charities

It is expected that St. Pius X families pay their yearly registration fee, in addition to their stewardship or tithing contributions. Tithing contributions provide the largest percentage of support for St. Pius X School.

Our Mission

With Christ: everything we do at St. Pius X is with Christ. Christ is the center of all we do

We pray in each class, we celebrate First Friday’s, we participate in litergical activites, and we work with a Home and School faith based character education program.

In excellence: our goal at St. Pius X is to have academic excellence as number one! Through our academic offerings, extras like foreign language and NJHS, we are striving to push the students and ourselves to be the best. By recognizing students for academic aceviments in grades kindergarten through 8th we believe that we are supporting academic excellence. The sky is the limit.

Through community forever: at St. Pius X we believe that without the staff, families, and community members of St. Pius X we can not push the students to the levels we do. With all three pieces of our Mission we are able to educate the whole child and partner with families and our community to raise well rounded Christians who are prepared for their futures.


This morning, March 3, there is a wonderful breakfast at Gratz Brown Elementary school. It is hosted by Kiwanis. Come by and enjoy a wonderful, filling breakfast!

Middle School Position

St. Pius X is looking for a Middle School teacher.

We are looking for a certified individual who will fit in well with our current Middle School team and or school vision.

It would be great if the candidate is Catholic, but this is not a final deciding factor.