St. Pius X Dedicated to Excellence

St. Pius X school continues grow and reach for academic excellence! For the 2016-2017 school year we will have a few new faces on our staff and many familiar faces returning. We are sad to say good bye to Mrs. Anne Barratt, Mrs. Angela Ritter, and Mr. Michael Terhune.
We are excited to welcome Mrs. Rachel McClain as our 1st grade teacher. Mrs. McClain taught for a number of years at South Park here in Moblery. When she and her husband decide to begin a family, Mrs. McClain stayed home to raise her children. Her oldest will be a Kindergartener at St. Pius X. Mrs. McClain brings lots of teaching knowledge to our staff. Mrs. McClain and Mrs. Wilson will continue to push and grow our 1st graders!
We are also welcoming Mrs. Niki Winkler as our 4th grade teacher. Mrs. Winkler has chosen teaching as a second profession. She comes to use from the public sector with knowledge in the counseling field. Mrs. Winkler will be a loving but firm teacher, holding high expectations of our St. Pius X students. These qualities will prepare the 4th grade class for the rigor in 5th-8th grade.
For Music we have hired Mrs. Kelly Head. She comes to use from Central Methodist in Fulton. Mrs. Head was highly recommended by both Mrs. Barratt and Mr. Copenhaver. Mrs. Head is excited to get back into a school setting. She has a vibrant, bubbly personality that will be enjoyed by all. Mrs. Head is an accomplished pianist.
Our other teachers will be:
Kindergarten; Mrs. Williams and Ms. Tina
1st Grade: Mrs. McClain and Mrs. Wilson
2nd Grade: Mrs. Rivero and Mrs. Adrian
3rd Grade: Mrs. Dalton
4th Grade: Mrs. Winkler
Science: Mrs. Kilgore
Math: Mrs. Duree
Social Studies: Mr. McFadden
Reading: Ms. Berry
Communication Arts: Mrs. Forte
Office: Mrs. Boesecker, Mrs. Renfro, Mrs. Berry
Music: Mrs. Head
Band: Mr. Copenhaver
PE: Mrs. Seidt
Art: Mrs. Lingo
Kitchen: Mrs. Stoecklein, Mrs. Turnbough
It will be yet another AMAZING year at St. Pius X! We are always striving to be and do our best; reaching for Academic Excellence! If you are interested in our school please call or email, all are welcome! 263-5500,
Mrs. Niki Winkler-4th
Rachel Photo
Mrs. Rachel McClain-1st

Family Fun Night

Many activities are happening at St. Pius X on Tuesday, April 26th!

From 4-7 you will be able to drive a Moberly Motors Lincoln and earn $20.00 for the St. Pius X playground project.

From 4-7 you will be able to view Pre-K through 4th grade St. Pius X student art work.

In the gym there will be rotating presentations on countries the Pre-K through 8th graders have been learning about throughout the year.

Please come and support St. Pius X!

After Care Workers needed

St. Pius X is looking for two individuals who love to work with kids!

Beginning in August 2016 we will need two people, 18 years of age or older, to be our After Care workers from 3:00-5:30 on school days.

If you are interested in the position please contact the school at 263-5500 and ask for Melissa Renfro.

Thank you

A HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2016 Redono! Mr. and Mrs. Krone along with Ms. Chandler and Mr. Orschlen you were amazing! Thank you for a wonderful night of community.

Early out Friday, February 12th

Full school day Monday, February 15th