School 1/16

St. Pius X is having school on January 16th, 2018.

The wind chill is low, please be cautious on the sidewalks and parking lots. All have been treated, be cautious.

If you feel it is dangerous to drive to school please keep your child(ren) at home. Please call the office around 7:20

7th and 8th grade basketball

October 9-13th Higbee Tournament

October 23rd AT St. Brendan 6pm

October 24th home vs. Our Lady of Lourdes 6pm

November 2nd home vs. Salisbury 6pm

November 3rd home vs. St. Brendan 6pm

November 6th AT Higbee 6pm

November 7th at Renick 6pm

November 9th home vs. Cairo 6pm

November 13-17th St. Joe Tournament

November 20th AT St. Joe 6mp

November 21st AT Westran 6pm

November 27th-December 1st SPX Tournament

December 4th AT Martinsburg 6pm


2017-2018 School Year

Welcome to the 2017 2018 school YEAR!

This year our school theme is superheroes in Christ. This theme ties in nicely with our mission: With Christ, In excellence, Through community forever. 

Let’s break down our school mission. With Christ: we are a Catholic school. We ask that our students behave with Christ always in mind. This is a great challenge for us as adults, the families of our students, and our Parish as a whole. We want to bring Christ to the forefront and raise a generation of students who will change this world setting it on fire for the better.

In excellence: last year our entire eighth grade class scored to be placed in honors science for their freshman year at their respected high schools. This is excellent! But what is even more excellent, is that this years eight graders have set their sights on achieving the same goal. Another way we have shown excellence is our last year’s standard test scores. You will notice these scores are posted as you enter the school outside the office. Third through eighth grade took the Iowa basics standardized test in late September. Nearly every grade scored above grade level in all subjects and in their cumulative total for the test scores. Way to go students, way to go teachers! The scores definitely set a goal to surpass for this year’s test.

Through community forever: it is extremely important to myself, the staff of St. Pius X, and this Parish that we are a community. You choose to send your kids to Saint Pius X. We respect that choice. Intern the goal is that the families and the Parish respect the teachers and staff. By having a mutual respect we will raise children who will create a better future.

In closing I would just like the teachers in attendance to stand up. Let’s take a moment and recognize these teachers. They have worked tirelessly the last few months to prepare a wonderful school year for your child with Christ, in excellence, through community forever. Together let’s be superheroes in Christ. 

Fees for the 2017-2018 School Year

Fees for Next Year: Before your child will be able to enroll for the 2017-2018 school year, this year’s bills must be paid in full and you will need to come to registration ready to pay at least the registration amount listed below.


1 child-$695.00 due at registration- $231.00

2 children- $799.00 due at registration- $266.00

3 children- $1016.00 due at registration- $338.00

4 children- $1152.00 due at registration- $384.00


Non Parishioner-

1 child-$3925.00 due at registration- $392.50

2 children- $6973 due at registration- $697.30

3 children- $9101 due at registration- $910.10

4 children- $10231 due at registration- $1023.00


5-8th grade students will also need to pay a $400.00 technology fee. This fee can be paid in one of two ways: $100.00 a year for the child’s middle school years, or $400.00 during the 5th grade year. This technology fee will support the upkeep of our one-to-one technology. We appreciate your support with this matter.