Testimonial for SPX-Charles Schumann

For us, it wasn’t really choosing.  We are called to be followers of Christ.  St. Pius X Catholic Church has been the foundation of my Christian life since birth, just as the Catholic church has been the foundation for all Christians throughout the world.  We wanted that same foundation for our kids.  In our society, especially in our schools, we find that every aspect of Christianity is buried by political correctness and evil forces. The whatever you want to do or think, whatever makes you feel good philosophy, has taken over.  It is the utmost importance for me to know that my kids can learn as much about Christ and his teachings while getting their education.  Yes, they could have received an education from other great schools, learning about the basic subjects,  but Christ would have been out of sight and out of mind, with the exception of a few brave individuals, who would dare to pray to our Lord in public.  At St. Pius X,  our kids were and are continually taught about Christ and his sacrifice for all of our souls along with tougher standards in the major subjects that will help in life.  Here, they have the opportunity to live out Christ’s sacrifice daily, without being criticized or even disciplined for it.  God gave all of us, Life.  What more important part of our education could there be, than to learn daily, that God sent his only Son, Jesus, to save us from all our sins.  It was Christ call to the Apostles to teach and pass on everything he had shown them and said to them.  So, as I said, it wasn’t really choosing.  It was following Christ’s command in our modern day society.   It may have felt easier to put our kids on a public school bus and show up to parent teacher conferences now and then, not that anyone does that, it’s just not what we are about at St. Pius X.  We know our kids have received a great education, but first and foremost have been taught where to turn when life goes wrong.  Christ Jesus!

Chuck Schumann

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