Staff 2017-2018

St. Pius X Staff 2016-2017

Pastor- Fr. Phillip Niekamp

Principal- Melissa Renfro

Secretary- Chrissy Bosecker

Kindergarten- Jennifer Hill

Kindergarten Aide- Tina Rowe

1st Grade- Rachel McClain

1st Grade Aide- Beth Wilson

2nd Grade- Tricia Rivero

2nd Grade Aide- Angie Adrian

3rd- Cara Hollmann

4th- Niki Winkler

 Social Studies- Mike Barner

Communication Arts- Christy Forte

Science- Janeen Kilgore

Math- Sarah Duree

Reading- Callan Berry


Physical Education- Linda Siedt

Music- Kelly Head

Band- Paul Coopenhaver

Art- Nealie Lingo

Lunch- Ronda Stoecklein

Lunch- Tina Turnbough

Maintenance- Denis Jeffries

Maintenance- Mike Harvey

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