2016-2017 School Year

Last year we focused on and celebrated the fact that for 60 years St. Pius X has provided a Catholic education in Moberly MO.

“60 Year and Continuing to Grow in Faith!”

This  year our focus in on a “recipe for success”

“A Recipe for Success!”

This year our focus is on positive communication and interactions between staff and staff, staff and students, staff and families, staff and community, school community and the community as a whole.

To kick off this mindset some teachers have provided positive input from the 2015-2016 school year and goals.

Some Staff Positives: 

Mrs. Kilgore-9-15 students read more than 40 books!

4th graders learned how to ask the “hard” questions and that is sometimes takes time to answer these questions.

Goals: Incorporate Catholic cleric-scientists into Science

Help all students to successfully question

Mrs. Duree- Able to push the Algebra class further then any other in the past years

6 out of 7 students were proficient on the EOC (end of course exam)

Continued high expectations throughout the school year in the areas of behavior, manners, and academics

Goals: To have at least 2 students earn Advanced on the EOC

Stay Positive, solve problems, communicate with all teachers and principal

Please feel free to come by and visit St. Pius X. Our doors are always open.

One thought on “Alumni

  1. So very proud of this school and parish! I was a student there the first year the school opened, and was in the first 9th grade class of the school, taught by Sister Bede. I also returned a few years later to teach 5th grade 2 years, then had 2 children attend for a short time before we moved from Moberly.
    Jane Sullivan Eubank


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