Back to School

St. Pius X will be opened tomorrow (2/8/18)

Please send your child to school with a prefilled water bottle that is labeled with your child’s name.

St. Pius X will follow all the city’s and the health department guidelines on a boil order.

As always, St. Pius X will keep all the students is a safe learning cohesive environment.

Safe Passage collection

IMG_4382 (1)During Catholic Schools Week the 7th grade class chose to give back by collecting much needed items for our local Safe Passage.

Thank you 7th grade for thinking of the less fortunate in your community and selflessly collecting items for them.

Service and respecting the life of others is a big part of who we are at St. Pius X. Great job 7th grade and Mr. Barner!

20th anniversary of Redono, 2018 Angels Among Us!

Dear Families,

We can’t wait to see you all for the 20th year of Redono, Angels Among Us!

Please remember, everyone needs to purchase a ticket for Redono. If you are working, and have not purchased your ticket, please call the school office to reserve your ticket now. 660-263-5500

Also, If you are struggling to get to school to purchase your table and tickets you can call the school office and reserve your table and tickets to be picked up at the registration table. 660-263-5500

God Bless,

Mrs. Melissa M. Renfro

Middle school A and B Honor Roll

It is a huge honor for these following students to be on the A and B Honor Roll at Saint Pius X. A Honor Roll students receive a gold bar. B Honor Roll

students receive a silver bar. Students are allowed to wear these bars in recognition of their accomplishments on the sleeve of their shirt or their lapel.